What keeps you from working out?

Whatever the reason, here are some ways to combat excuses and get moving!

running-gearIf you’re generally unmotivated

Get your gear ready the night before. Lay out what you’re going to wear and put your trainers next to your bed. Leave the clothes in a place you’ll definitely see it: at the foot of your bed, on the toilet seat, next to your toothbrush. If you see it, you’ll probably put it on. If you’re wearing the right stuff, you’re more likely to leave the house.

If you’re tired

Try to go to bed earlier. It sounds difficult — we’re all busy and over-scheduled these days — but you can get the rest you need as well as the exercise. Turn screens off or put them in airplane mode and relax in your dark bedroom. Try to start an hour before your normal bedtime, but even twenty minutes can help. Relax and breathe and mentally run through the activities you plan on doing in the morning. Picture yourself wearing your work out clothes, exiting your building, taking the route you’ve planned, doing the activity you’ve decided on. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to get moving in the morning if you’ve decided what you’re going to do the night before.

If it’s too dark

Daylight saving time is this Sunday, October 30, in Europe. In Paris, that means that parks will switch to winter hours and that we’ll have a little bit more light in the morning for a few weeks yet. But for some people, it’s not enough light. If you know that you won’t get out of bed if the streetlights are still on, find another time during the day to get your heart rate up. Maybe pass up an apéro to go for a run. Or go to the apéro and walk home. Download a yoga app or watch an online yoga video. You’ll feel better afterwards. I promise.

If you don’t have time

You do have time, you just need to make exercise — and yourself — a priority. Instead of using all of your lunch break to eat, do some light calisthenics at the office. Turn your social activities into something a little more active. Rather than drinks at a bar, suggest walking around a neighborhood you haven’t explored. Paris is full of secret places, side streets and little nooks where you can get lost.

If you’re completely unmotivated

You’re reading this so that means you’ve recognized that your health and fitness levels could be better. If you can’t motivate on your own, if just knowing that you need to exercise isn’t enough, that’s where a personal trainer can help. Together, we can set you realistic goals that you’ll want to meet. Your Personal Trainer Paris is here to help you. Get in touch.


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