Now that la deuxième démarque [the second markdown] has hit the Paris sales, it’s the perfect time to stock up on some fitness equipment at even lower prices! Even if you’re working with a trainer, you should carve out time at least once a week to exercise on your own, so you should have your own gear.

1. Running shoes

Running is an easy, low-commitment activity. All you need are shoes, so get some this weekend. Go Sport (locations) offer really good in-store discounts — 30-70% off — so find a brand that fits and hit the streets!

2. Yoga mat

If you live in a typically tiny Paris apartment, you may not have enough free floor space for a yoga mat, but you can take one to any park in the city and use it there. And you’re not limited to yoga; you can use a mat to do pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, anything really!

Bonus: they’re also handy as a cushion for Paris’s open-air cinema (starting July 13)!

3. Skipping rope

Another easy and cheap workout. If you have the room (see above), you can get some jumping in at home or in the inner courtyard of your building or a park. Skipping rope is a fast exercise that builds endurance, burns fat and gets your heart rate going. You’ll have power legs in no time!

4. A digital watch

Speaking of time, you should be able to keep it while you’re working out. Decathlon has watches as cheap as 5€. They’re easier to use than a smartphone (no need to unlock them) and even the most basic models offer stopwatch and lap-counting functions. Time yourself doing a lap then try to beat that time. Repeat!

5. Swimwear

Paris pools (official site) require all swimmers to be outfitted in a suit and swim cap. With the prices as low as they are for the next few weeks, you should get fully kitted out. Add some goggles, a high-absorbency towel and shower shoes. Your wallet will barely notice.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, those equipment are really helpful when doing workout.

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