Not having time to work out is a common excuse from people who want to exercise more but don’t. Usually what they mean is that they can’t find times in their schedule that match with those of classes they want to take, whether at a gym, yoga studio or boxing club. However, these people do find time to go out for an after-work apéro with friends or colleagues, see a movie or just watch some Netflix, so they do have some free time.

Diane Kruger, model, actress and part-time Paris resident, sympathizes with this Parisian problem. She complained about it earlier this year:

Paris is actually terrible for exercise. Twenty years ago, when I first moved here, there was nothing. It’s gotten better, but the equipment is often really old. It’s harder to find good classes.

She’s right; things have gotten better, but they’re not great. Compared to other cities, like London, New York or Amsterdam, Paris has been slow to adapt to the modern person’s schedule. Shops routinely close at 7, just as some people are leaving the office. Dropping off your dry cleaning before work is impossible in many neighborhoods. Delivery services just started taking off this year.

When it comes to physical fitness in Paris in 2016, it’s still hard to find something that fits your lifestyle and is adapted to your needs.

That’s where a personal trainer comes in.

Your Personal Trainer works with you, around your schedule, time commitments and constraints. Instead of a fixed class calendar, I work with you to carve out the best windows during your week. You just need to take the first step and get in touch, which you can do 24 hours a day (even if you’re watching Netflix).

Together, we’ll set goals and meet them. If it’s straight weight loss, we can do that. If you want to train for an event, like a marathon, I’ll prep you and give you tips. If you just want to fit into your clothes like you used to, we can make it happen.

In addition to physical exercise and strength training, we’ll look at diet, an important component of weight loss and general health. I’ll help you keep your food cravings in check and show you how to have all the flavour in your diet that you crave with less nutritional disadvantages.

It’s hard to find good classes or a good gym, so get personalized help right at your door. Get Your Personal Trainer.

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