Don’t give up on yourself this month. The temptations — food, wine, family, dessert — will be stronger than usual, but if you’ve made a commitment to improve your overall fitness level, this is not the time to stop.

People generally gain weight over the holidays. The jury’s out on exactly how much on average, but if weight loss is a concern for you, you are probably in the group that tends to need looser clothes come the New Year.

I’ve heard every excuse and self-deception over the years:

“I usually lose weight when I go home!”

“I can’t say ‘no’ to my [fill-in-the-blank family member’s] special [insert fattening holiday food item]!”

“I don’t have time to work out when I’m with my family!”

Those and a lot more. And I don’t buy a single one of them.

If you’re at Your Personal Trainer Paris, that means you know you need to make a change. If you’ve acknowledged that, something like a holiday shouldn’t get in your way.

On Christmas, I like to eat a big meal with all the sides and have dessert too. But I *earn* it first.

Wake up early on whichever day you and your family celebrate and get a run or a fast walk in. Take advantage of being in a different setting to change up your routine, visit old haunts or explore some new territory. Ask a family member to join you or use the opportunity to get some alone time in.

There is no way to approach this as a negative. If it’s too cold, remember that any exercise you do in cold weather is more effective. If you’re too tired, some physical activity will help your body stabilize and get you on a more effective sleep schedule.

Don’t make excuses.

Get out there.


And have a happy holiday!

(If you’re in Paris and looking for things to do, there’s a good write up of places that are still open over at Secrets of Paris.)

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