Summer has finally arrived in Paris. After months of record-breaking rainfall, flooding and cool weather, we’re suddenly experiencing high temperatures. The heat is good for weight loss, usually causing people to eat less, but it can be hard otherwise. If you’re exercising outside, it’s important not to overheat, so here are some general tips for keeping cool in Paris this summer.

Paris canal picnic

Paris canal

Get thee to Paris plages

The city of Paris sponsors free spaces and events to help people enjoy the summer while not suffering through the heat. There are spots all along the river set up as “beaches,” aquatic areas or with sprinklers. Complete info in English is here. If you’re not in the center of town, the canals are great places to spend time in the evenings.

Close shutters, open windows

Apartments exposed to the sun all day are like greenhouses; the heat gets trapped inside after which it takes a long time to cool down. Instead, open your windows and close you blinds, shutters or dark curtains to allow air to circulate, but not let the sun in.

Cool sheet, aka The Egyptian Method

Sleep under a sheet dampened in cold water. The full-body contact will cool you down quickly, allowing you to fall asleep.

Box fans

While Parisian apartments don’t generally have standard square window panes, you can still use a box fan as a ventilator. Place the fan facing out in a window to get all the hot air out of a room.

Cowboy throwing lasso

Bandanas aren’t just for fashion

The cowboy method

Wet a bandana, head band or Buff and wrap it around your neck. This is a great way to keep cool indoors, but especially while working out. If you’re really hot, press an ice pack to the base of your neck for instant cooling.

The Seven Year Itch method

Put your underwear in the freezer the night before you wear it or before your morning workout. It may sound ridiculous, but it worked for Marilyn Monroe and a report released last year showed that “pre-cooling” before exercising kept body temperatures lower than doing nothing or drinking a slushie.

Avoid alcohol

Metabolizing alcohol dehydrates your body. It might feel nice to down a few pints in the shade of your local pub, but it’ll cost you double the next day.

Avoid heavy proteins

Digesting big cuts of meat increases metabolic heat, making you feel hotter and more sluggish.

Drink water

Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Really. Drink water.

Maybe not *this* cold

Cold shower

A refreshing shower at the end of the day will make you feel better and, if you’ve been walking around Paris all day or riding the métro, it’ll remove all the grime and pollution from your skin. The cool sensation will ease you into a good night’s sleep. There are a lot of side benefits to cold showers too like stimulated weight loss, improved immune systems and increased circulation.

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