Marcus Reuben

Your Personal Trainer is one to one fitness coaching, either within the home setting or a run in your local park. Your Personal Trainer assesses the need of the individual, their fitness goals and works side by side the individual to achieve those goals.

I have extensive experience with clients in the Paris area and western suburbs, most are members of the American and English communities based in Paris. I started YPT (Your Personal Trainer) in  2005 and I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. Many glowing recommendations are available on request. 🙂

YPT Paris has a great relationship with the Message Mothers Group of Paris and has helped many of its members regain fitness lost during pregnancy. One of my specialties is pre and postnatal fitness and the core training associated. I have also worked closely with clients who have achieved their weight loss goals in combination with increased fitness as I also offer detailed nutritional advice in partnership with cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. I have trained staff at the American Embassy of Paris as well as helping prepare clients for marathons and triathlons. Besides my personal clients, I am now also training an amateur football (soccer) team based in Paris.

I’ve been involved with fitness at some level or another for 25 years since I was a schoolboy. I have an eclectic fitness background including Bodybuilding, Ice Skating, Marathon Running, Boxing, Cycling, Martial Arts, Swimming, Football and Ironman Triathlon the toughest one day endurance event on earth. It’s this knowledge and experience along with 9 years of training people just like you, that puts me in the perfect position to help you reach your personal fitness goals.